Instructor Vida Kluko

Acrylic Pour Workshops

Get 3-6 friends together for a private pour class

 Explore  the technique of acrylic pour; a medium is added to acrylic paint to  enhance flow, resist mixing, and to develop interesting cells. This  paint is applied to the canvas using various pouring techniques- no  paintbrushes are used!

Make a beach scene- or compose an abstract work. Instruction and supplies are included. $50 for a 12" x 12" piece; $75 for a 16" x 20 " canvas. Discounts available for a second canvas painted during class.   

Summer Events

South Shore Maker Faire


Participate in our community mosaic project

South Shore Maker Faire


See torch firing wood demonstrations

South Shore Maker Faire


Make a paper bubble trumpet and test it out

Directions & Bubble recipe below

South Shore Maker Faire


Mono Print Making Demonstration

Check out the SouthShore Maker Faire Here  June 22 Wescott Park

Torch Fired Wood Branding

Bubble Trumpet Directions and Bubble Recipe

Paper Bubble Trumpet (pdf)


Bubble solution recipe (pdf)