Curiosity & Creativity​

Dalia & Vida

 What happens when a family has science-brained kids and art-brained kids? They grow up to be art+science brained. Welcome to our family.

Curiosity & Creativity​


Immerse yourself in color; de-stress with art

 Our objective is to diminish the divide between art and science for experimentation and creative fun.​ 

You don't need to color inside the lines!

 Participants are not required to copy the teacher's sample project. We will guide and nurture your creative experience to make something that is uniquely you! Most projects can be completed in 2 hours or less; no previous training required.    

Our Studio

Located in Michigan City's Uptown Arts District,  we have created a class space / studio space for fused glass, mosaic, acrylic pour, marbling, copper enameling, and other art+science experimental projects.

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